With a tranformative, empathic and energetic approach I assist you and your organization in staying relevant. As trusted digital advisor with strong leadership skills I bring innovative ideas to your team and organization

Digital transformation

With a strong background and experience in transformation programs I deliver advisory, design and delivery of Digital Transformation in your organization through a structured approach and based on solid frameworks and methods.

Programme & team delivery design

With a strong analytic and collaborative approach I deliver design and reorganization of transformation programs and teams to optimize the relevant perfomance in the team as well as within the individuel teammember.


Emphatic & professional mentoring of talented professionals guiding them through their next step in their development process assisting them in staying and feeling relevant in their career.

With a long experience in digital projects and insight in business models for utilizing new technologies to leverage business transformations in public and private organizations I am passionate about designing and executing the right projects with the rigth people and technology. I thrive for change and transformation of organizations and people through a strong, ambitous, inspiring and empathic leadership. I work for changing the world to be a better place



Tanja Danner
mob: 40 84 50 61

Kvinder i tech: Tanja Danner